We faced the translation of this book from the position of the amateur; from our subjectivities and as a trigger to continue thinking together. The translation of this book is an act of love. Love for a way of doing, saying and thinking that catched our attention at the moment we met Mårten Spångberg and at the moment we later read this book. The fact of translating Spangbergianism into Spanish is the opportunity to approach and expand these ways of thinking and doing, that gave us so much pleasure, to others. As the Portuguese writer María Gabriela Llansó says: "I think that where there is pleasure, knowledge is near.”

Alejandra Pombo & María Jerez

This book is a performance. It was put together over sixty-four days as a sort of rehearsal, during which every day resulted in a showing [forbid them] in the shape of a blog-post. It’s material, form and content is the result of a daily practice, aiming at two minor issues - to change the world [permanently], and second to find a way out of our present predicament [FFW apocalypse] concerning dance and choreography but also capitalism in general [why be modest]. It’s one hundred and something pages of hysteri- cal accusations, oversized banalities, slamming of already open doors, over the top categorical statements, unmoti- vated mood-swings, cheese making and paranoid [in the good sense of the word] arrogance.

Mårten Spångberg

Esther Ferrer leyendo Spanberguianismo


Written by Mårten Spångberg, 2011

Translated by Alejandra Pombo and María Jerez

5th Episode translated in collaboration with Barbara Hang, Victor Colmenero, Oihana Altube, Noemí Oncala, Beatriz Álvarez, Ignacio Redrado, Leticia Skrycky, Laila Tafur, Ainhoa Hernández and Laura Ramírez

Corrections: Andrea Rodrigo

Published by Desiderata Editorial, 2018 in collaboration with Biblioteca de la Facultad de Bellas Artes (UCM), Máster de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual (UCLM).

With the support of Azala, kreazio espazioa

Layout: Natalia David

Spangberguianismo has Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported
ISBN: 978-84-09-03651-6 Depósito legal: M-23368-2018

Printed by Print It, Gargzdai, Lithuania

Special thanks to Javier Pérez Iglesias, Alejandro Simón, Victoria Pérez Royo, Diana Delgado, Idoia Zabaleta and Laia Cabrera.

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