The Boogie-Woogie Ghost is the first collaboration between Maria Jerez and Silvia Zayas. The piece that came out from this collaboration is a circular movie. The image of this film is constantly modified through the movement of bodies that remain invisible, these bodies act as ghosts. It is through what is not seen that what is seen appears. The space mutates persistently, as if non-human forces insisted on destabilizing it and activating it without rest. The tension between the visible and the invisible generates the appearance of the event. The assembly of the images works within the logic of what is not seen at the moment of capture. In this way, the montage becomes a dance, or the dance becomes the montage: a dance of ghosts.

This circular film is a single sequence captured by a camera placed on top of a rotating platform. Our bodies act out of frame like ghosts. It seems as if the things in the house in which the film has been shot were changing through non-human forces or by their own ability to mutate. What is seen is constantly changing, any minimal change produces variations in the mental image.


Idea and creation: María Jerez and Silvia Zayas

Filming and choreography: Silvia Zayas, María Jerez, Alejandra Pombo and Víctor Colmenero

Lighting: Víctor Colmenero

Color: Alejandra Pombo

Soundtrack: Nilo Gallego

Co-produced by: Jumping Scales, a project by Silvia Zayas at Centro de Residencias artísticas de Matadero-Madrid.

With the support of: Andrea Pacheco, Centro de residencias FelipaManuela.

This project has been selected to be part of La Bienal Mirada de Mujeres, BMM-2018, organized by MAV: production grants.



31/05 La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain


04/12 Matadero, Madrid, Spain