FILM by MARIA JEREZ in collaboration with Cris Blanco, Amaia Urra & Cuqui Jerez

“A living room. A pen. A kitchen. A stapler. An iron. A cookie. A hairdryer. A funnel. Four posters. A mystery to be solved.”

The Movie is a research about the power of representation in cinema, through the transformation of the meaning of everydaylife objects and spaces as well as the use of cinematographic signs and references. All the objects and spaces used in The Movie represent different objects and spaces, thus creating a new reality.

The whole film was shot in a house and plays with the limits of the space as well as the physical limitations of the objects herein. The objective was to work on the idea of transformation until the “fictional” roles of the objects and spaces did no longer match with the “real” ones.

The fireplace becomes a building, the table a terrace and the living room a roof, together projecting in the spectator’s mind a persecution on the roofs of a big city. All this is possible thanks to the references to Hollywood’s cinematic language: through our performance, choreography, script, the way of shooting, and the editing of image and sound, objects and space change meaning in the mind of the spectator.

The script of the film is constructed out of cinematic clichés and references. Even though the script is in a way created out of bits and pieces from many different films, as a whole it’s original: a conventional and linear script that tries the spectator to enter the fiction and forget the tools used (the transformation of the space and objects), the same way as it happens in Hollywood films.

This game leads to a baffling, new reality constructed out of a “gap” or “distance” between the image produced and the image represented. The spectator watches two things at a time, two films in one, two meanings overlapped.

The Movie is a film created within the project The Neverstarting Story.

The Neverstarting Story is a project collaboration of Amaia Urra, Cris Blanco, Maria Jerez and Cuqui Jerez.  In The Neverstarting Story we looked for a way to collaborate and work together without arriving to a consensus, that is to say, keeping the independence inside itself. The starting point was some common material and questions that had been developed from the principle of non-property of ideas. Finally we took the decision to accompany each other in four different directions of work proposed by each of us. The result of these four directions are two performances: The Set Up by Cristina Blanco and The Rehearsal by Cuqui Jerez; one feature film: The Movie by Maria Jerez; one video installation: The Thing by Amaia Urra; and a short film created in collaboration Cinthy Tuloh.

The Movie by Maria Jerez in collaboration with Cris Blanco, Amaia Urra and Cuqui Jerez.


55 min

Written and performed by Maria Jerez, Cris Blanco, Cuqui Jerez and Amaia Urra.

Direction: María Jerez

Director of photography: David Burrows

Edition: Jorge Manrique Beherens

Sound: Nerio and Germán Gutiérrez Ross

Ross Assistants: Miguel Jerez and Gonzalo Montón

Technical director on tour: Gilles Gentner

Produced by Maria Jerez, Cris Blanco, Cuqui Jerez and Amaia Urra.

Co-produced by Consejería Cultural de la Embajada de España en Colombia; Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon – Programme ReRc (résidence de recherche); Beurs- Schouwburg, Brussels; Parc de la Villette (Paris) dans le cadre des Résidences d’artistes; Consejería de Cultura y Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid

Supported by La Mekánica, Barcelona; La Parrala Centro de Creación Escénica de Burgos; Vooruit, Gent; PACT-Zollverein, Essen; Mugatxoan - Arteleku Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia, San Sebastián – Fundação de Serralves, Porto; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Aula de Danza Estrella Casero de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares; Miguel Jerez and Beatriz Quintana.


The Movie by Quim Pujol

La Peli de Maria Jerez & Co. by Roger Bernat



04/12 WOMB, CA2M, Móstoles


27/10 Cine club Galapagar, Ciclo de Otoño: “Cines Posibles”


03&15/06 12 Bienal La Habana, Cine Infanta, La Habana, Cuba


03/05 Macba es viu, MACBA, Barcelona

21/04 Resonancias II, Instituto Cervantes de Casablanca


28/02 BudaVista #2, Buda Kortrijk


14/06 In-Presentable 12, La Casa Encendida


04-09/10 “Fureur de lire, fureur noir” Exhibition, Salle du Faubourg, Geneva

29&30/04 Plateaux 2011, Mousonturm. Frankfurt

21&23/02 Festival VEO, Valencia, Cines Babel

11/01 Festival Particules, Cinéma Spoutnik, Theatre de L’Usine, Geneva


22/12 Living Room Festival. Madrid Berlin

25/09 Teatre Municipal de l’Escorxador. 11º Premio de proyectos de artes escénicas. Lleida

21-27/08 Noorderzon Festival, Grand Theatre. Groningen Holland


13/08 Tanz im August 09/Sommer.Bar

08&10/03 Festival LP’09, Barcelona, March 2009


01/11 Festival BAD, Bilbao, November 2008

17/07 II Encuentro de Programadores Internacionales Instituto Cervantes. La Laboral, Gijón

20/06 100 Dessus Dessous. La Villette, Paris

13/05 Mapa Teatro, Bogotá

08&09/02 Beursschouwburg, Bruxelles

17/01 La Casa Encendida, Madrid