The Perfect Alibi is framed between the image and the absence of the image, creating presence through absence. To be able to appear, I disappear. And to be able to disappear, I write. When I write, I split myself, and, while doing so, the spectator stays in the middle: between my thinking and the writing-image. The Perfect Alibi is a novel; a performance through the writing; an action film; the trip of one person when she is alone, where time, space and perception unfold until not knowing who, when or where you are.

In this performance the body disappears. Nobody is on stage. The spectator watches a film. The film is a succession of thoughts and stories that appear on the screen of my computer. The performance happens in-between the place where the lonely writer is and the mind of the spectator, with the projection of the screen of her computer as a medium. It could be a cinema situation, but it is not.

“The power of performativity is revealed through the reading, I mean, the power of giving a consciousness to everyday tools as Word processors. While reading, an immediate and almost unconscious process of identification takes place and we start thinking within the structure of these Word processors: layers that overlap, levels of reflection that decompose subjectivity, levels of consciousness on which we travel without continuity, typographies that are attitudes, font sizes that give tone, wallpapers that create spaces, effects that become events… (Inevitably the question emerges “Does Word repeat the structure of the human thinking? Or rather, have we ended up thinking with the structure of Word?”)”

Jaime Conde Salazar



A piece by Maria Jerez

Original title: La Coartada Perfecta

Technical assistance: Samuel Anarte and Tim Bosselaar

Produced by Maria Jerez

Co-produced by Noorderzon/Grand Theatre (Groningen) and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt) with the support of Iberescena, 2010 (a project of Tanz im August Berlin), BUDA Kunstencentrum (Kortrijk) and espacios cómodos’12 - La Porta (Barcelona)


En Medio written by Jaime Conde-Salazar

In the middle by Jaime Conde Salazar - continuumlivearts



19/09 Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb, Croatia


13/11 Spielart, Munich, Germany

22/03 Buda Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk, Beligium

01-03/02 Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany


10 & 11/05. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

20&21/04 Sweet #4, Espacio Cómodo La Porta, Barcelona, Spain


19/12 Living Room Festival Madrid/Berlin/Zagreb/ Brussels

25-27/08 Noorderzon Festival, Grand Theatre, Groningen, Holland